Here are some of the services I provide on a freelance basis:

Writing and editing

Do you need someone to translate technical information into engaging content for your company or institutional website? Are you creating a science-based report and looking to make it resonate with your target audience? Do you want someone to edit or proofread your latest grant proposal or journal article before you send it off?

Whatever your needs, I have the scientific background and proven writing/communications skills to make it happen. I charge on a sliding scale depending on the nature of the project and the time commitment required. If you’re interested in talking about a new project, please contact me.

Public speaking

I’ve recently been invited to give several talks and workshops on science and science communication. Some of these have been for graduate students at universities or scientific conferences, looking to learn more about ways to communicate their work to the general public. Others have simply been fun talks about scientific topics for general audiences, and would be suitable for high school science students. If you’re interested in having me give a talk, please get in touch.

Private tutoring

A former high school teacher, I  take on a small number of tutoring students from high schools in the Toronto area each year. My specialty is chemistry, but I’m also comfortable with physics, biology or math. I have a record of success in helping students realize their potential. Contact me for availability and rates.

Bagpiper for hire

It may seem like an odd skill to advertise alongside these others, but I have more than 25 years of experience playing the pipes at weddings, funerals, rock concerts, etc. I’ve accompanied highland dancers marched in parades around the world. I have my own kit (i.e. kilt, jacket, brogues etc., see below) and I can promise a professional service at competitive rates, anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, I have over two decades of experience as a bagpipe for hire.
In addition to the skills mentioned above, I have over two decades of experience as a bagpiper for hire. Seriously.