Some stories I’ve done over the years, either for my day job at U of T Engineering News or for freelance clients.

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Canada’s largest urban geoexchange system

Illustration: Nicolas Demers, courtesy of U of T Facilities & Services

U of T Engineering Professor Frank Hooper’s research on ground source heat pumps helped inspire the sustainable Geoexchange Project at the heart of U of T’s historic St. George Campus

[U of T Engineering News, January 26, 2022]

Artificial intelligence helps researchers up-cycle waste carbon

Photo: Daria Perevezentsev

Researchers at U of T Engineering and Carnegie Mellon University leveraged AI to speed up the search for a new catalyst that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethylene — a chemical precursor to a wide range of products, from plastics to dish detergent.

[U of T Engineering News, May 13, 2020]

FLATTEN: Engineering students create free online map to help track the spread of COVID-19

Image courtesy

An online tool built by a team of volunteers uses self-reporting to create a heatmap of potential COVID-19 cases across the GTA.

[U of T Engineering News, March 25, 2020]


Big cats of southern Alberta

Illustration of Smilodon fatalis by palaeoartist Henry Sharpe.

A reexamination of old fossils shows that Smilodon (sabre-toothed cats) roamed further north than previously thought — and that Eurasian cave lions came further south.

[Canadian Science Publishing, October 7, 2019]

Leading the ‘vinyl renaissance’

Photo: Doug Chappell

Rob Brown is chief operating officer of Viryl Technologies, one of only two companies in the world that make vinyl record pressing machines.

[U of T Engineering News, September 27, 2019]

Spray-on solar power

Photo: Steve Rainwater, via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Protective polymers from researchers at the University of Saskatchewan could lower the cost of photovoltaics.

[Canadian Science Publishing, September 23, 2019]

Why don’t more Torontonians cycle to work?

Photo: Kevin Zolkiewicz, via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

A new study maps cycling stress levels and accessibility across the city.

[U of T Engineering News, September 10, 2019]

Out of thin air

Photo: Marit Mitchell

A promising technique for converting atmospheric CO2 into commercially valuable products.

[U of T Engineering News, May 29, 2019]

Cleaning up the lithium-ion battery supply chain

Photo courtesy Li-Cycle

Li-Cycle is a Toronto-area company that recovers critical materials from lithium-ion batteries

[U of T Engineering News, April 30, 2019]

How self-driving cars could shrink parking lots

Photo: Roberta Baker

Optimizing for autonomous vehicles could increase the capacity of a parking lot by up to 62 per cent

[U of T Engineering News, March 28, 2018]

Let them eat dirt


University of British Columbia microbiologist Brett Finlay suggests that bacteria have a role to play in keeping us healthy

[, February 13, 2017]

A 150-year-old fossil mystery from the Canadian Arctic

Image: Nobu Tamura, via Wikimedia Commons

A fossil recovered during the search for the lost Franklin Expedition is finally identified after a century and a half

[Canadian Science Publishing, January 10, 2017]

What if all the ice on earth melted?

I researched and wrote the script for this video starring Bill Nye, which has more than 6.5 million views on YouTube.

[AsapSCIENCE, September 7, 2016]

Designing against disaster

Photo: Ashley Cooper/Corbis

As offshore wind turbines proliferate, engineers are considering the possibility of collisions with ships.

[Hakai Magazine, June 11, 2015]

What if humans disappeared?

I researched and wrote the script for this video, which has more than 8.5 million views on YouTube.

[AsapSCIENCE, January 28, 2015]

How Toronto engineers built a human-powered helicopter

Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson won the Sikorsky prize for designing and building the quadcopter Atlas

[, July 16, 2013]

The Human Edge

I edited and wrote some of the display copy for this exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre

[Opened 2013]

Nature’s industrialists

This story won the inaugural Award of Journalism Excellence in Engineering from Engineers Canada

[Canadian Chemical News, December 2012 issue]

Final verdict

This story won the Herb Lampert Emerging Journalist Award from Science Writers & Communicators of Canada (formerly the Canadian Science Writers’ Association)

[Canadian Chemical News, July/August 2011 issue)535]